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Escenthio Marigny Jr.

DEIA+ Engagement Specialist 

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"Bringing me an apple wont get you an A!"

About Me

A key component of my work as an organizer and educator has been to reveal how our unique experiences are tied to broader systems of power and discrimination. Ideas have power and the past is alive in the policies and practices that contribute to present health disparities. With this in mind, I joined High Sierra AHEC  to contribute to efforts to fight for an equitable healthcare system. 


My desire to engage in this work comes from a moral and personal perspective.  I have witnessed the distress of friends who have had to leave the state to find adequate specialists, heard how loved ones have had their identities invalidated by practitioners, and seen how family members have been overwhelmed by work in medical facilities due to short staffing. These issues did not arise suddenly and require us to unpack the ideas and practices that allow them to continue. I recognize the roots of our healthcare inequities are multifaceted,  requiring providers and patients to work together to make change. I aim to contribute to making this change happen through education and community building in my role as DEIA+ Engagement Specialist. 


Originally from Oakland, CA, I have lived in Mobile, Alabama, and Seattle, WA before making Reno home in 2013. I received my Bachelor's in Women's Studies and a Master's in Gender, Race, and Identity from the University of Nevada, Reno. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and hiking. 

Active Participation

Civil Service Commission for the City of Reno



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