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Ricardo Rubalcaba-Paredes, BA

NVCC Program Coordinator

Cut the ending, and revise the script

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About Me

As a queer Person of Color, born and raised in Reno, NV, to Mexican immigrants, I feel a moral obligation to work for the equity of marginalized communities. As a program coordinator, I intend to engage in a dialogue amongst marginalized communities about how to recreate (not integrate) healthcare for queer, BIPOC, low-income communities, and individuals with disabilities so they can participate in all aspects of the world with equity. Ultimately, I aim to expand my endeavors both regionally and nationally with an intent to work with non-profit health initiatives, coalitions, and organizations on a grassroots basis and make healthcare accessible to marginalized communities through my work, as a Program Coordinator for High Sierra AHEC. I  graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2023 with degrees in art with an emphasis in Digital media and a minor in GRI with a concentration in Latinx studies.

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