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SET-NET OB/GYN Provider Resource Library

Welcome to the High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) OB/Gyn Provider Library. The resources available include information on:

• Analysis of Our Provider Survey
• Developed Educational Materials
• Maternal and Child Health 
• COVID-19
• Discussions on Vaccine Hesitancy for Providers

The resources include recorded webinars, flyers, and presentations to form conversations with the pregnant population.
This resource library was supported by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services through Grant Number 5 NU50CK000560-03-00 from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the Department nor The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

HSAHEC OB/GYN Provider Survey Analysis

In August 2021, High Sierra Area Health Education Center launched Nevada OB/GYN Provider Survey to engage the education needs related to COVID-19 testing, vaccines, and the effects of the pandemic on this population. Then, in January 2022, they released a detailed analysis of the survey with the results from the provider survey, which allowed us to conclude what best serves the needs of this population related to COVID-19.

HSAHEC Developed Education Materials

The High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) SET-NET Team developed flyers for providers and patients on COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy and concerns about vaccination. The flyers are available in English and Spanish.

General Maternal and Child Health Education

Maternal and Child health impacts many generations which creates challenges for locating, obtaining, and receiving equitable care. The recorded webinars and free courses in this section can help providers develop a deeper understanding of Maternal and Child health and possible inequities in healthcare access.

COVID-19 Education For Maternal and Child Health

Developing an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on Maternal and Child health is essential in our new normal. This section contains flyers, webinars, and a list of journals that discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Maternal and Child health. Some of the topics you will find in this section include:
• How to live with the pandemic
• Living healthy lives for pregnant individuals and their infants
• Providers can help during these challenging times

COVID-19 Vaccine Education for Maternal and Child Health

Now more than ever, it is important for providers to carefully navigate conversations around the COVID-19 vaccine with pregnant individuals. The resources in this folder help fuel the vaccine conversations with Providers and Patients related to the COVID-19 vaccine for pregnant individuals and their neonates. Some of the resources include:

• Recorded webinars and slideshows presentations

• Flyers from the CDC that talk about the benefits of vaccination during pregnancy

• The health of the pregnant individuals

• The health of neonates with vaccination

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