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Operations Manager

Drinks her coffee black, and lukewarm...sometimes. 

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About Me

As a native of this breathtaking sanctuary, Tave has traversed the shadows of life's challenges, emerging with a heart that beats in harmony with the symphony of helping others. Her soul's calling is to illuminate lives and spread warmth to those in need, like a radiant sun gracing the mountain peaks. 🌞

For a resplendent half-decade, she has been a guiding light in the nonprofit sector, touching hearts and creating transformative change. Every moment dedicated to philanthropy has been a brushstroke of elegance, crafting a tapestry of hope and goodness. ✨A journey that has gracefully unfolded with  pursuing a degree in Business Finance, she prepares to step onto new horizons of financial mastery. Numbers have become a graceful waltz in Tave's hands, and she is ready to compose symphonies of success for your dreams to soar. 💃In the gentle corners of her world, you'll find Tave immersed in the timeless allure of books, indulging in the flavors of words and wisdom. Her oasis of relaxation comes in the form of a delicate cup of coffee, its aroma, a comforting embrace to soothe the spirit. ☕But Tave's heart finds its most exquisite joy in the presence of her beloved family. Among them, her precious three-year-old daughter, a budding fashionista who elegantly struts her way through life's adventures, even while effortlessly mastering the art of changing a tire. 🚗💄And in this delicate dance of life, her cherished partner, Alex, is the one who complements her every move with poise and love. Together, they create a symphony of unity and enchantment that embraces each moment. 💕

With every breath, Tave seeks to infuse the world with a touch of sophistication, and her commitment to your success is no exception.

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