Andrea Gregg, B.S.

Chief Executive Officer

Wizard of Lightbulb Moments, Maestro of Mayhem,

and Chief Futurist 

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About Me

Andrea has over 13 years of comprehensive nonprofit management within the health care and public health sector.  She has earned her Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Community Health Sciences and holds a Nonprofit Management Certificate.  Fun fact, Andrea began her journey with High Sierra AHEC in 2008 as a program coordinator and spent many years developing the pipeline programs still being implemented today and reaching thousands of participants.  Over the years Andrea has received several local and national distinguished awards and recognitions. Through her work Andrea values thriving partnerships and seeks innovative opportunities that further enhance the mission of High Sierra AHEC.  She also mentors multiple AHEC centers across the country, providing them with strategic advice and mentorship, as they wish to operationalize their vision.  Recognized for a high motivation level, the ability to promote and exemplify leadership, and for making significant contributions within the community, Andrea looks forward to many more years scaling up an organization whose mission and workplace culture she deeply values.  Andrea is an avid “burn and turn” kind-of-a gal!  She loves snowboarding, paddle boarding, spinning, and boxing (just to name a few). In her free time, she loves rummaging, cooking, and spending time with her most prized possessions, Anthony (husband), Hudson, and Hadley.  As a family they live for adventure, love the outdoors, and value life’s lessons along the way. 

Active Participation

Nevada Office of Minority Health & Equity Advisory Board, Vice-Chair 
Governors Office of Workforce Innovation (OWINN), Health Care and Medical Services Sector Council, Member 
United Way of Northern Nevada, Equity Learning Community, Member
Rural Nevada Health Network, Member 
NAO Center Director Constituency Group, Leadership Team Member 
NAO Development Committee, Member
NAO Mentorship Program, Mentor