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The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program

About The Program-

Target Audience

The Nevada Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Scholars Program is for undergraduate and graduate level clinical and nonclinical health profession students who wish to complement their education by further developing their leadership knowledge and experience in rural or underserved urban settings.

AHEC Scholars participate in clinical and non-clinical, didactic and community-based activities and projects with a focus on leadership development.

Exclusive & Competitive

  • Statewide program: limited and competitive application process with two-year commitment

    • -max Class 45

  • Practice Inter-professional collaboration in rural and/or urban underserved settings

  • Priority given to Nevada residents enrolled in minimum 2-year programs (Degree or Certificate Programs)

  • Open to all health students enrolled in clinical and non-clinical programs

Program Components & Core Competencies

  • Leadership education

  • Behavioral health integration

  • Practice transformation

  • Social determinants of health

  • Online coursework through our custom learning management system

  • Cultural Competency

  • Expert keynotes

  • Peer-to-peer mentoring

  • Current and emerging health issues

  • Practical capstone project

  • State internship opportunities

High Sierra AHEC ensures that health professionals of the future are equipped to meet the needs of our state with inter-professional teamwork informed by social factors driving the health of communities.

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  The NV AHEC scholars program is a nationally funded program by the Health Resources and Administration Association (HRSA), aimed at strengthening the healthcare workforce.


  • Earn recognition as a student leader in the health community with the skills to lead your peers

  • Inspire and improve health status and outcomes through your improved command of leadership

  • Be better positioned to join or lead a diverse and culturally competent health workforce

  • Gain practical skills and experience in practice transformation collaboration in underserved settings in Nevada

  • Gain practical didactic/civic engagement opportunities

  • IPE credit may be awarded by enrolled institution

The Nevada AHEC Scholars program is comprised of three centers: Desert Meadows AHEC in Southern Nevada, Frontier AHEC in Rural Nevada, and High Sierra AHEC in Reno/Sparks. 

Opportunities for Scholars - 

  • Med663 (Medical Spanish)

    • Improve medical student's skill in communicating with Spanish speaking patients and their families.

    • Student Learning Outcomes:
      Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:​

      1. Collect a pertinent medical history, perform a physical examination, and communicate a treatment plan for follow-up care with a Spanish speaking patient with limited English language skills. 

      2. Practice verbal interactions in the classroom that mimic those utilized in typical primary care settings. 

      3. Acquire basic Spanish vocabulary needed to communicate about health and disease. 

  • Hotspotting 

    • Attending Student Outreach Clinics to improve outcomes of patient care. Encourage patients to seek help outside of the emergency room. Connecting patients to resources in the community and providing care to those who are in need. 

  • Migrant Worker Clinics and Rural Outreach Clinic 

    • Medical student driven, current locations include Lovelock, Silverspring, and Yerington. These clinics provide free medical services to all patients. Services include general physicals, vaccines for all ages, Pap smears, glucose testing, cholesterol testing, sports physicals, and more! 

  • Mentorship    

    • Participate in our pipeline programs by encouraging high school students to pursue healthcare. Talk about your journey and the steps you took to get where you are. Serve as a role model to those who may not have one. 

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