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Bring Project Prevent/ROARR to your classroom!

Our Workforce Department has developed enriched content and comprehensive education that focuses on a variety of topics in healthcare and public health. Through this curriculum, your students will be exposed to different healthcare careers, learn about the function of the healthcare system, gain a better understanding of how to appropriately research, identify ways to advocate for themselves and their families, and learn the potential impact they have to revitalize and improve the health of Nevada! 

Modules for your classroom:

  • Project Prevent/ROARR

    • The Healthcare System

    • Research 101

    • Health Literacy/Patient Communication

    • IPE (Interprofessional Education)

    • College Preparation

  • ARP

    • Public Health

    • Infectious Diseases

    • Understanding Outbreaks

    • Pandemic Preparedness

    • Understanding Vaccines

And more on the way! 

Infectious Diseases .png
Interprofessional Education (IPE).png
The Healthcare System.png
Higher Education Preparation.png

Student Wellness Resources

High Sierra AHEC is committed to the improvement of health outcomes in our community. See the links below for some helpful resources for keeping our students healthy:

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the Workforce  Development  Coordinator, Kailey Arington, at

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