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K-12 Resources & Camps


Crime Scene Investigation Camp (CSI)- The Science Of Justice


Help us solve a mystery! Students in this camp will be called upon

to act as a team of forensic scientists as they solve a fictitious death.

It takes more than fingerprints and a confession to solve this crime!

From the crime scene to the courtroom, students will participate first

hand in all aspects and job duties that come with solving crimes.


They will be tasked to carefully assemble evidence by;

  • Blood spatter analysis

  • Fingerprinting

  • Microscopic analysis

  • Biochemistry tactics

  • Blood Typing

  • Crime scene sketches

  • And more!


 At the end of this week-long course, the students will present their findings in mock trials, participating first hand in real world techniques involved in our justice system. This mystery will teach and test your child on critical thinking skills, problem solving, teamwork, scientific analysis and application, medical ethics, and crime solving fun! 

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To enroll your child or check out prices, visit and register for CSI: The Science of Justice under Summer Break Camps. 

Healthcare Heroes Camp


Is your child infatuated with medical superheroes? If so, this is the

camp for them! Students will participate hands-on in this camp to

learn about healthcare and the superheroes who provide it. This week

long camp will immerse students in the basics of medicine with;

  • Suturing

  • Medical ethics

  • Genetics

  • Health career exploration

  • Heart dissection

  • Information about physical and nutritional health

  • Healthcare simulations

  • The musculoskeletal system

  • Hospital tours

  • And more! 


Students will work with healthcare professionals and our student ambassadors to fine tune their own superpowers in medicine. We want them to walk away with actual medical knowledge and ideas about their future careers. Students will learn that part of what makes healthcare workers super is their compassion, kindness, and critical thinking. This program is meant to be more than just a summer camp, it is the start of your child’s lifelong journey of saving lives. 

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To enroll your child or check out prices, visit and register for Health Care Heroes under Summer Break Camps. 

Project Prevent and Project ROARR


Project Prevent

Innovative outreach targeting Title 1 schools, providing enriched content and comprehensive education focusing on health literacy, health policy, diversity/cultural competency, inter-professional education (IPE), and current and emergent health issues and topics. Students are exposed to different healthcare careers, learn about the functions of the healthcare system, gain a better understanding about how to appropriately research, and identify ways to advocate for themselves and their families.

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Project ROARR - (Reach Out and Revitalize Rural)


Though similar to Project Prevent, Project ROARR (Reach Out and Revitalize Rural) specifically targets rural students. Our goal is to provide them with hands-on experiential activities to assist them in further exploring careers in healthcare. Through the mentorship of our Student Ambassadors, rural students gain knowledge on the importance of IPE and gain access to local healthcare leaders and professionals. Students are provided with insight on the healthcare needs specific to their communities and learn the potential impact they have to revitalize and improve the health of rural Nevada.


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High School Teachers - Interested in inviting our student ambassadors to deliver Project Prevent or Project ROARR to your students?

Contact Elisabeth Porter, student services advisor, at or (775) 507-4212

In collaboration with the Office of Statewide Initiatives and the Nevada Health Workforce Research Center, we have created a biennial publication titled Health Care Careers in Nevada highlighting over 70 health care careers, average salaries, job expectations, and educational opportunities throughout the state.

Contact us to request your hard copies today!


Student Ambassador Highlight

"The experience that I have had this semester as a Student Ambassador with High Sierra AHEC is unlike anything I have ever gained from another program or commitment. The public health, equity, and professional development initiatives of this program truly resonate with me, and my engagement as a Student Ambassador has deepened my love for medicine, science, and community. I am incredibly excited about my future as a Student Ambassador with AHEC, and I can’t wait to see the ways in which I grow, connect with others, and positively impact my community in the years ahead."

-Isabelle Kovaltchouk