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Recipient of the Health Care Leadership Council’s 
Redefining American Healthcare Award

On October 24, 2022, High Sierra AHEC and NVPCA received the Health Care Leadership Council’s Redefining American Healthcare Award!

The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC)  is a coalition of chief executives from all disciplines within American healthcare. Members of HLC advocate for measures to increase the quality and efficiency of healthcare through a patient-centered approach. Examples of programs include those addressing broadband access, behavioral health, social determinants of health, vaccine readiness, reducing disparities in care delivery, and increasing workforce and clinical trial diversity. These innovative approaches provide an avenue to scale and replicate in other communities, improving upon best practices nationwide. The award ceremony was an inspiring event that included passionate speakers, testimonials, and a Congressional Certificate of Recognition from Nevada State Senator, Jacky Rosen.

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What is Cultural Competency Training?

  • Cultural competency training offers an opportunity to increase one's cultural awareness and sensitivity.​

  • By learning about how to respect and treat unique individuals from all backgrounds, providers will improve their quality of care given and be able to effectively address the needs of any patient that they may see. Our cultural competency training will cover topics including identity and self expression, unconscious bias, racial discrimination, gender disparities, and more.

Get Started On Your Cultural Competency Journey Today!

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