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Community Health Worker I | High School Program 


What is the CHW Certification Program?

Our CHW certification program  is made for high school students (ages 16 and older). For the CHW I portion of this after-school program, participants will receive a comprehensive and engaging curriculum that reflects the importance and versatility of Community Health Workers. Additionally, participants will be provided with CE/CME opportunities and other trainings/workshops to supplement their coursework.


After the CHW I portion of the program, participants will be eligible to begin their Service Learning Project and continue CE/CME courses to prepare for their apprenticeships. The final apprenticeship portion will provide participants with hands-on experiences and supervision needed to obtain their CHW II certification. 


Why Community Health Workers?

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Nevada is continuing to experience healthcare shortages statewide and more severe shortages in our rural communities. For this reason, the CHW Certification Program focuses on the Community Health Worker profession. Community Health Workers are essential members of healthcare delivery teams since they serve as a bridge between the healthcare system and vulnerable communities. Community Health Workers take on various roles and responsibilities to empower the clients/patients they work with to successfully navigate their health and health needs. 

Why Our CHW Certification Program?

The program participants will be mentored and linked to additional opportunities and like-minded partners to advance their careers and be provided with a pathway towards higher-skilled and/or more specialized healthcare careers. 

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Funding Support

The CHW Certification Program is funded by Nevada Alliance for Youth Apprenticeship (NAYA).

Participant Support Includes:

  • Professional attire

  • CHW I certification fee cost

  • CE/CME allowance

  • Scholarship/sponsorship


Cohort Timelines


Who is eligible?

As of right now, Cohort 2 is open to past AHEC program participants who are between the ages of 16-18 at the time of application, attend an eligible school (rural or title I), and are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. However, we are always seeking out more funding opportunities to be able to expand the number of participants we can accept into the program. 

If you have questions, please reach out to the Outreach Coordinator at

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