Special Projects

In addition to our award-winning pipeline programs, High Sierra AHEC also tackles a variety of special projects. As a non-profit organization, High Sierra AHEC prioritizes sustainability planning and actively seeks out diverse opportunities to extend our reach and enhance our impact in our communities. Through the strength in our partnerships with our networks and funders, AHEC has been able to adapt to new and emerging health issues and serve as a champion for public health in Nevada.

Read about some of of our current special projects below:

Surveillance for Emerging Threats to Mothers and Babies Network (SET-NET) Project


Project Scope

In collaboration with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Nevada Office of Public Health Informatics & Epidemiology (OPHIE), the Surveillance for Emerging Threats to Mothers and Babies Network (SET-NET) Project collects data from pregnant individuals who tested positive during pregnancy for COVID-19 during 2020.


As part of our efforts to collect, analyze, and submit Maternal Health and COVID-19 data on our jurisdiction’s behalf. Our goal is to act as a resource, to develop, share and maintain educational materials for our State’s OB/GYN Providers (Doctors/Nurses/ Nurse Practitioners/ Physician Assistants) and Patients.


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For more information about the SET-NET project, contact our disease control department
visit the CDC's SETNET Webpage


Project Scope


The SPAN-ET is a voluntary student wellness assessment, developed to:

  • Assess school resources and readiness to improve nutrition and physical activity environments

  • Suggest appropriate improvement strategies

  • Score impacts resulting from environmentally-based treatments.

Schools are key sites for delivering nutrition and physical activity education and promoting healthy behaviors among students. The SPAN-ET is an assessment that recognizes the unique position that schools are in to improve youth wellness. The assessment is a public health approach to promoting healthy habits that focuses efforts on changing the context of the behavioral environment to make healthy options the default choice. The School Physical Activity and Nutrition – Environment Tool helps to evaluate characteristics of these environments through 27 Area of Interest Items in two main categories: Physical Activity and Nutrition. These Areas of Interest are used to consider Physical, Situational, and Policy Environment components of these categories to score a school based on the current practices and environment. Post-assessment, school staff are given realistic recommendations and provided with resources towards improving across the Areas of Interest, improving student health in the process!


The School Physical Activity and Nutrition - Environment Tool (SPAN-ET) Assessment is an invaluable resource that strengthens your ability to connect your students to better health!

Are you interested in improving Student Wellness at your School?

High Sierra AHEC and University of Nevada, Reno Extension are looking for elementary schools interested in participating in assessments with our staff members this school year!

Reach out to the workforce development department to find out how you can get involved! 


To learn more about the SPAN-ET: https://extension.oregonstate.edu/span-et 

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The School Physical Activity and Nutrition - Environment Tool (SPAN-ET) Assessment