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Nevada Health Care Workforce and Pipeline Development Workgroup

This Workgroup aims to improve, grow, and diversify Nevada’s public health, behavioral health, and primary care workforces and workforce pipelines to ensure the state has a workforce capable of meeting current and future healthcare needs.​ Below are the workgroup's contributions to reduce silos, enhance collaboration, and strengthen the state's healthcare workforce ecosystem.


The healthcare workforce asset maps document existing workforce development efforts related to public health, behavioral health, and primary care. These can be used as a resource for those interested in improving workforce development or partnering with existing entities who work at various stages of the pipeline.

The healthcare workforce development plans identify a clear vision for the subsector's workforce as well as specific goals, objectives, and strategies to work toward the vision. They were developed by the Workforce Workgroup's subcommittee on public health, behavioral health, and primary care 

Click the links below to find the respective asset maps and development plan

Workgroup stakeholders continue implementing these plans. For more information regarding ongoing efforts or how to participate, please contact Megan Comlossy at

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