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Andrea Gregg, B.S.

Chief Executive Officer


"Wizard of Lightbulb Moments, Maestro of Mayhem, and Chief Futurist."

About Me

Born and raised in the culturally rich and geographically rural landscape of  New Mexico, I've been deeply influenced by the values of inclusivity. This upbringing has guided my mission to promote equitable healthcare access 
and improve community-based health outcomes through proactive outreach and education. My personal journey has been marked by encounters with trauma and addiction, experiences that have fueled my commitment to advocating for stronger support systems and increased access to essential resources. The transformative power of comprehensive, evidence-based education, which played a pivotal role in my life, has ignited a profound passion to enhance the quality of education. My focus is on creating pathways for individuals to succeed and thrive, recognizing that education is a key factor in fostering personal and community development. In my early career, I worked with UNR Early Head Start, a program dedicated to school readiness for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers from low-income families. I later joined the Girl Scouts of Sierra Nevada, where I developed a health and wellness curriculum, focusing on fostering positive growth and well-being among young girls, emphasizing body positivity, confidence, and overall development. Subsequently, fueled by my passion for fitness, I made a transition to become a gym owner. In this role, my primary focus was on providing unwavering support and empowerment to local women as they embarked on their transformative journeys toward becoming the best versions of themselves. 

My journey with High Sierra AHEC commenced in 2008 when I assumed the role of program coordinator. Over the years, I have played a pivotal role in developing and nurturing the pathway programs that continue to impact thousands of participants. I became High Sierra AHECs dedicated and proud CEO in 2016. As the CEO of our nonprofit organization, I recognize that our collective success hinges on a diverse skill set within our team. I'm dedicated to optimal resource allocation for maximum impact, financial sustainability, and mission fulfillment. Advocacy is a cornerstone of my work as I strive to influence policies that benefit the health and well being of our community. My leadership encourages growth, fosters valuable partnerships, and creates a harmonious work environment that inspires excellence and team well-being, all while prioritizing investments in a strong company culture that empowers and engages our employees. 

Throughout my past experiences and endeavors, a common theme has emerged: my unwavering commitment to enhancing educational opportunities that can profoundly impact lives and empower communities toward a brighter future. This comprehensive approach encompasses the improvement of quality of life, the promotion of community growth, and the realization of each individual's full potential. 

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an enthusiastic adventurer, passionate about activities such as snowboarding, skiing, and spending quality time with my family and friends. My husband, Anthony, and our children, Hudson and Hadley, share in our active engagement with the community, embracing life's adventures and cherishing the valuable lessons we encounter along the way. 

Active Participation

Nevada Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA), Board Trustee 

Nevada Healthcare Workforce and Pipeline Development Workgroup, Co-Facilitator

Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition, Advisory Board Member

Rural Nevada Health Network, Member

National AHEC Organization Board of Directors, At-Large Member (Term 2022-2025)

National AHEC Organization Center Director Constituency Group, Leadership Team Member

National AHEC Organization Development Committee, Member

Nevada Gender Affirmation, Board Member



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