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Community Health Worker I | High School Program (ages 16+

Level Up Application Packet

The application is a fillable PDF for you to download, make changes, and redownload with your changes to print and sign. Since we require a handwritten signature, if you need accommodations to be able to complete this application please reach out to or call us at (775) 507-4022 and ask for Alyssa.

La solicitud es un documento que puede editar para que la descargues, hagas cambios y vuelvas a descargarla con tus cambios para imprimir y firmar. Este documento también se puede imprimir si prefiere escribir todo a mano. Requerimos una firma manuscrita, si necesita adaptaciones para poder completar esta solicitud, comuníquese con o llámenos al (775) 507-4022 y pregunte por Alyssa. Si necesitá un tranductor, por favor pregunta para Azucena o Michelle.

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When you have completed your application send it to with the subject line:
Completed Level Up Application - First Initial of Student. Last Name of Student
(Example: Completed Level Up Application- M. Smith)

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