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Roman Urbano

Community Health Advocate


"Powered by rockstars."

About Me

I grew up here in Reno, Nevada, and have been fortunate to see how much the city has grown. I have also seen the lack of awareness of public health careers students are exposed to. I have also seen the struggles of the lack of resources available for people who aren't health literate. I always believed that the only career in any health field had to be doctor or nurse-related. I learned that there are other methods to contribute to the public health field, but not everyone is aware of this. There is not enough engagement in reaching students to inform them of possible career options in public health.

I began as an intern at High Sierra AHEC in January 2023 in their workforce department. This allowed me to appreciate High Sierra's mission of reaching a student population who wouldn't be able to know about career opportunities in healthcare. I participated in the workforce department's in-person implementation of their programming. I joined full-time in June as the Community Health Advocate. I have an opportunity to inform students in northern Nevada about public health careers that aren't just doctors and nurses. I now strive to give students in K-12 confidence to advocate for their own and their families' healthcare.

During my free time, I coach soccer. I have coached high school soccer at Galena High School for the last 13 seasons. I also coach for a local soccer club.

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